Travel in Fujian,China,Quanzhou,Maritime Silk Road Art Park, Asia Park

Maritime Silk Road Art Park, Asia Park,
Before coming here, I honestly didn't know 
that there was a Maritime Silk Road,
My history is as bad as ever.
 It is the kind that sees me falling asleep.
The only known Silk Road is the desert one,
From this we can see how ignorant,
Even after checking the information, 
you can immediately forget it, haha.

Maybe there are no other attractions to visit in Quanzhou,
Local friends will take us there,
Anyway, I was just taken away,
It is also unfamiliar to Quanzhou.

At first glance, the feeling of seeing this park is great,
The next idea is to be rich,
The next idea is how to maintain it.

I have to say that China is very courageous and 
executive in doing these constructions.
Basically, as long as it is planned,
 it will be implemented and built as soon as possible.
Just seeing this artificially made Huber 
can imagine how big the project is,
It does not include the middle statue and other buildings,
The whole park is very clean and tidy,
This is only a partial area,
There are four regions: East Asia, 
West Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.
Different cultural areas.

I saw only one area,
Other areas have not yet been completed.

The main statue of the park is this sail image,
Only the tallest building in the entire park,
The moral of it, please google it yourself.

This green house covered by plants,
There are not many other decorations,
Pure green plants are cool inside the building
It should be regarded as an environmentally-friendly 
and carbon-reducing building.
The main hope is that it can be maintained and maintained!

This sign is the gate to the park here,
Looks spectacular
Corresponds to the main statue in the distance.

The buildings and statues throughout the park 
are designed by well-known Chinese masters.
(Baidu wrote it like this, of course I do n’t even know it)
Each has its design meaning and background,
But for me a layman,
At first glance, it's more important to look good.
Other esoteric content is not suitable for me,
Because this area is newly planned and constructed,
No matter whether it is office or living nearby,
Not too many people,
Wait until other supporting facilities have been built, 
and this park will be crowded.

Otherwise, I do n’t think there are too many people in this park.
Although the park is a very good building in the city,
But it is a pity that it is not convenient for the people to come.


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