Travel in China,Xiamen,Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street-Eat, Drink and Go Shopping

Churches have sprung up in many national cities,
It's easy to catch people's eyes,
Especially in Asia,
Its architectural design can be 
clearly different from the local,
Regardless of its architectural shape, 
the existence time of the building itself,
Or its history can be a special factor in this church.

Behind Chinatown Shopping Center in Xiamen Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street,
There is such a church that does not conflict with the surrounding environment,
Quite harmoniously integrated into it,
Or like other buildings are joining it.

There is a very loud name [China's First Holy Church],
It is the first Christian church in China to worship Chinese people.
Today it is still a meeting place for local Christians.
It is also a provincial cultural relics protection unit.
Generally listed as a protection unit,
Can be better maintained.

It ’s a pity that I could n’t go in and visit that day.
But the weather is fine,
Looking outside at the church in the sun,
I can also feel a sense of calmness,
Although I do not believe in Christianity.

There is also an archway without knowing why,

Is there any implication?

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

There are not so many people going to the pedestrian street in the morning,
In order to see the streets carefully.

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

The buildings in this area are relatively low,
It ’s also because of restricted building heights,
Close to the coast, the buildings along the coastline for 
the scenery should not be too tall.

Even the style is very different from the outside area.

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian StreetZhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

There are many alleys when you turn left and right,
Unfamiliar with the road here, it seems easy to get lost,
But when you walk in, you might find something interesting.

The Zhongshan Road pedestrian street is similar to 
the pedestrian streets in many other cities in China.
Are a lot of shopping malls and shops,
Can eat, drink and shop here,
It ’s also gathered most of the crowd,
But carefully walk around,
You might find other places that do n’t look so prominent,
But they are also attractions,
But most people are attracted to the pedestrian street.

Taking another step may be another world.


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