Food | Holiday-Basic consumption of $ 100 without buffet,The combination that can eat full collocation way

Actually, I do n’t like singing,
But occasionally I have to release some stress,
At this time, there cannot be too many people.
The smaller the number, the better.
It doesn't feel so shameful!

Every time with a friend in the morning,
Cost-effective and not so distressed,
After lunch,
At this time, if you do n’t eat buffet star chef,
so what should I do now?

Self-service bar at Holiday Songlong shop NT $ 238 / person,
If you do n’t use the buffet, 
you still need a basic consumption 
of NT $ 100 per person for food and beverage.
It does n’t work without consumption.
Otherwise, you will lose it.
By the way, 10% service charge will be added to the final cost.

Some KTV restaurants are doing well now,
But the price will be higher,
We basically eat to fill our stomachs,
Mainly to sing and relax
How to find a relatively cost-effective,
It is our goal to meet the basic consumption of food and beverage.
I used to order a bottle of Yuquan sake for NT $ 200.
But I ca n’t do it now.
Otherwise, relax with a little wine and sing more easily.

Go through the menu carefully,
In the case that two people need basic food 
and beverages to add up to NT $ 200,
I found a great combination,
It's chicken rice NT $ 55 / bowl.

Rice, chicken, bamboo shoots,
And the servings are quite a lot,
Basically, boys will feel a little full after eating a bowl.

NT $ 110 per person for a bowl
NT $ 90 is left at this time,
You can have a side dish of simmered pork pig cakes or edamame.
Just added up to NT $ 200.
Is it a perfect match!

The portion of braised pig's blood cake is also a bargain.
Pig blood cake will also be full.

So chicken rice and pork blood cake can be fully eaten,
Without adding other food,
The taste is ok, but sometimes the chicken rice is too dry.

But is this chicken rice still unknown?
Maybe someday chicken rice was cancelled by Holloday,
Then look for any other combinations.


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