Jack‘s’ Unprofessional Cooking-Homemade Radish cake


White radish


Dried mushroom

Plain flour

sesame oil


White pepper

Black pepper

Green onion


  1. Radish turnip first treated to trace, sprinkle salt after half an hour to an hour release place of water.
  2. Shrimp and dried mushrooms are washed first, then soaked in water, and then cut into diced, shallots and chopped shallots.
  3. In radish and other water released when the shape into flour with a group Tangmian way, the water temperature about 65-100 degrees, I was feeling a little hot with the fingers of state, after slowly adding balled, do not look pour son, go to control water dough, knead well placed for a while after, about half an hour.
  4. This time the water drained white radish, radish should not pressed into the water, after addition of olive oil and sesame oil in the pot and the shrimp flavor to fried mushrooms poured out, then down along Ruluobusi stir fry, and green onion, and finally adding salt and white pepper and black pepper. Let cool and other ingredients are fried after.
  5. You are ready to pack into a pie, add a little oil to do the pushing and sticky dough, put the right amount of stuffing packets into the thousand million, just do not have the stuffing came out to remember to flatten.

  6. Be patient frying pot, fry golden brown on both sides will be able to enjoy pan.

Basically, all the ingredients are based on feelings. I haven't calculated the weight or volume. I have always done this cooking. Hahaha, the medium-gluten flour is about 400-500g. You can try the fried fillings to see if they are suitable for your own taste. They are packed in, so it ’s not a big problem. After all, I just saw a lot of white radishes at home. Yes, I have read the articles of others on the Internet, and the finished product is not bad, the taste is a little bit light, and it is just right to add some chili sauce.

Long radish pies can be stored in the freezer, and you can fry them when you want to eat them.


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