Food | Hong Kong Yau Ma Tei. Mido Cafe-A tea restaurant in Hong Kong drama and movie scenes, old Hong Kong style

Basically, I rarely eat breakfast every time I go to Hong Kong.
On the one hand, the hotel has no breakfast.
On the other hand, I ca n’t get up in the morning,
If it were not for the flight,
Where would you get up early in the morning,
Does it make sense?

As a result, I have not seen the quiet daytime scene of Hong Kong streets,
Just because I have breakfast,
Different from so noisy Hong Kong,
In this case, what else should the restaurant do without tea.

A Hong Kong friend of mine lives in this area of Yau Ma Tei.
By the way, I booked this hotel nearby,
In the morning, I still have time to watch.
The first action opens Google Maps,
The next step is to search for tea restaurants.
Only to find that this Mido Cafe is just a few minutes walk from my hotel.
That's why we don't go there.

When I see photos online again,
I have an inexplicable sense of familiarity,
It feels like I've seen it somewhere,
Similar scenes were found in early Hong Kong movies 
or Hong Kong TV series.
Of course I am not a qualified movie fan,
I rarely remember so carefully,
I did not know until I checked the information later.

With a half-dreamed head, a tired body,
Step into the Mido Cafe of this traditional Hong Kong tea restaurant,
I only have 3 guests in the whole store,
Are not natives of Hong Kong yet,
Are we here too early or are the locals still asleep?

Mido Cafe opened in 1950 and still maintains the decoration of that year.
It ’s really not easy, although it ’s been a while,
I can feel a sense of history,
But it wo n’t make you feel old or taste Hong Kong.
Entered the store and was directed to the second floor saloon.

By the window is the best location,
No matter where the restaurant is,
The location by the window is very attractive.

A slightly pity reason,
There is no way to see people coming and going on the street,
Is a way to experience the local atmosphere,
To a new place,
I like sitting in a cafe and seeing people.

At a glance, the tables and chairs in the dining room of 
Mido Cafe feel like they have been used for a long time
At the moment in my heart, the quality of food is not the most important thing.
Instead, enjoy this atmosphere, this Hong Kong taste.

I feel very sad
The world is changing so fast,
But a lot of things disappeared unknowingly,
How long will it last?

As we progress,
Is it possible to not lose these things,
There is not much conflict with each other,
It's a journey.

No amount of inner thoughts are useful.
I'm hungry or I'm hungry before I say anything else,
Order quickly is the point.

In the seat of the second floor,
I saw the minimum spending of HK $ 20 per person on the table,
However, I thought that I would exceed any point.

I usually do n’t have too much breakfast when I just wake up.
Ordered a cup of Iced coffee with milk tea, cheese ham sandwich 
and pineapple bun with butter,
I like to eat pineapple oil. I see impulse points on the menu.
Hahaha, it's a very simple breakfast,
Too heavy taste and do not want to order.

The cuisine here is very diverse,
Both Chinese and Western styles are available,
Any kind of noodles and rice,
Just looking at the menu is dazzling,
Needless to say the price,
Hong Kong, you know,
Immigration is customary.

Although the food I ordered was simple,
Not necessarily a bit of a characteristic signboard,
But it's not bad,
Coupled with the retro history of the environment,
Can come and go.

地址: 香港油麻地廟街63號
營業時間: 09:00–21:00 星期三公休
電話: +852 2384 6402
交通:港鐵油麻地站 C 出口, 步行約4分鐘


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