Life | To the change of traditional Chinese medicine, I have been drinking traditional Chinese medicine decoction for three years in order to regulate the body, can you believe it?

Since I have memories,
You feel very sick or uncomfortable,
Fever is a common occurrence,
I even stayed at the hospital for this,
Large hospitals and small clinics are almost regular customers.

At this time, I would say why not exercise,
Speaking of this is funny again,

From childhood to middle school, I was a child who could n’t rest,
Playful and playful,
Elementary school likes playing badminton and running,
Middle school likes to play basketball,
Can you say I don't love sports?

Even so, there are exercises every week,
Sickness never falls,
Basically everything should come,
Whether it ’s a cold or a fever,
Just a lot.

It also leads to a lack of interest in sports later,
Understanding the benefits of exercise does not give you motivation to do it.

I do n’t know if anyone remembers that health insurance cards 
needed to be stamped in the past,
It also starts with the English letter A,
Replace A with a B,
This sorting continues,
I can at least use F or G,
On average, I can report to the clinic once a week.
Not even a problem twice.
Seeing doctors and nurses know me,
Should I feel honored or honored.

It can be imagined that taking western medicine is really impossible.
This is the jar of medicine that everyone often says.

By high school, there was no improvement,
You should have chickenpox in elementary school or middle school.
I grew up in the second grade of high school,
I also asked for a 2-3 week holiday,
None of my classmates went to school,
Everyone wants to talk about how to get a seat empty,
Only the teacher knows what happened to me,
Well, it was the same with the teacher later.

I also did gastroscopy twice in high school,
It ’s been almost two years after taking stomach medicine and drinking stomach milk.
Just don't see improvement,
In the end, the doctor said that it was psychogenic stomach pain.
Caused by excessive pressure.

Speaking of which can be imagined here,
Is it related to western medicine and western medicine?
It is already a little paralyzed for taking medicine.

However, it can also be expected 
how much the burden on the body caused by taking so much western medicine.
It's just a hidden potential body that has not yet erupted.

It's time to cry,
Is four years of college,
Since I am studying at a university of Chinese medicine in China,
Although I'm not studying Chinese medicine
 (I'm actually interested),
I almost switched to Chinese medicine.
Unfortunately, at that time, 
it was not possible to return to Taiwan to take a Chinese medicine license.

Someone in the dormitory suddenly felt uncomfortable in the first year of college.
There is an acne-like thing on the left thigh,
It ’s getting bigger and bigger later,
Just swelling and pain,
I can walk around,
A Chinese medicine friend in the dormitory,
Just helped me see the illness,
He was also a novice at that time,
Orthopedic is a master,
Just helped me ask his father,
Their family opened a Chinese medicine clinic in Hong Kong.
Then prescribed a prescription of Chinese medicine.

This opened the way to drink Chinese medicine decoction ~

At that time, it was relatively unfamiliar to Chinese medicine.
Chinese medicine is completely ignorant,
All I know is that the stew is made with Chinese herbs.
After all, Chinese medicine was relatively declining at that time,
Everyone recovers quickly for high efficiency,
Both chose Western medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is considered to take care of the body,
There is no way to cure the disease,
Or the speed is too slow and the efficiency is too low.

Since I started to drink Chinese medicine, I have cooked soup.
Traditional Chinese medicine passed down the way,
Instead of scientific Chinese medicine now,
Taking everything together like a collection of spices,
It is necessary to grab the Chinese herbal medicine,
Go cook again,
Cook 4 bowls into 1 bowl,
One can imagine how troublesome this process is for most people.

Is the way that seems so tedious,
I held on for almost three years,
The smell of Chinese medicine in the room,
Drinking Chinese medicine decoctions that others find it difficult to import,
Isn't it incredible?

But I'm a little happy.
Feel the changes in the body,
The number of illnesses has been significantly reduced compared to the past,
My appetite has also improved.

Those years were actually a pretty good memory for me,
Although there are some restrictions, you cannot eat or drink anything.
But it ’s not a big deal when you feel the change,
Since that time, Western medicine has hardly been taken.

Although it takes longer to cook,
But the smell of the medicine from the middle smelled,
It ’s also very comfortable and helpful,
Furthermore, the traditional Chinese medicine taken in this way,
The effect is much better than scientific Chinese medicine,
The gap is quite large, the boiled ones can make better use of medicine.

Other doctors repeatedly boiled a Chinese herbal medicine,
This is also not seen in traditional Chinese medicine in the past.
Of course, in order to speed up this society,
How many people can Chinese medicine keep cooking Chinese medicine,
It's a pity.

I have to take scientific Chinese medicine as a last resort.
Otherwise, I still miss the process of cooking Chinese medicine,
And the comfort of drinking it.


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