Jack‘s’ Unprofessional Cooking-Pickled radish, pickled radish with soy sauce


White radish: small three

Garlic: 20 petals

Salt: Moderate

Sugar: Moderate

White vinegar: by feeling

Soy sauce: by feeling


  1. After washing the white radish, peel it and cut it into diamonds (depending on your preference, you can also cut into slices).
  2. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt and sugar in to let the white radish and garlic out of the water. (Heavy objects will speed up time)
  3. After I left it for about an hour, I drained the water. It was better to dry it or dry it.
  4. White vinegar and soy sauce can be used after being slightly heated (this time I tried to use it without heating).
  5. Pour the white radish into the sterilized bottle, and add sugar and white vinegar to drown the white radish.
  6. In addition to sugar and white vinegar, the jar of sauce radish and garlic was added with soy sauce.
  7. Cover it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it for a few days before eating it. If you want to add more flavor, you can leave it for a long time. Don't worry about it being damaged.


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