Mood | Miaoli,Shiweiqiang-Countryside Vegetable Garden,Natural and Pollution-free,Stealing Vegetable Time

People are very particular about what they eat now,
All naturally pesticide-free,
It also needs nutrition.

Grandpa's house is in the countryside,
An elder bought a field nearby,
Grow different vegetables in different seasons,
I usually make my own fertilizer,
Sprinkle nothing but water.

It ’s all the ingredients that urban people yearn for.
Value is understood by individuals.

But growing vegetables is not as simple as you think.
Too many small details to pay attention to,
Anyway, I don't understand.

It ’s hard to bend down and squat.
So I just do n’t go to farmland to pick vegetables.

Because of this, the elders later reduced the planting area.
Otherwise, you ca n’t eat too much.
You also need to arrange the vegetable garden.

One day farmer longing for urban people,
It ’s a little different from what I expected,
But they really can control their own security.

Of course, I do n’t use pesticides myself,
If others use it, they will still be affected.
Be careful.

The farmland that the elders organized,
Not just growing vegetables,
And planted all kinds of plants,
Some can eat, some can't,
I don't know their name at all.

Feeling their randomness,
It ’s all kind of happy,
But let me live like that,
I really don't know if I can live with it.

So much said before,
It ’s actually to cover up while our host is away,
(Of course owner agreed)
I picked a lot of vegetables and brought them back to Taipei.
Experienced a handful of stealing vegetables.

It looks like many leaves have been eaten by worms,
Or not so pretty,
Does not affect its nutritional value,
The dishes are beautiful and not good at all.
After all, I do n’t know what was spilled inside,
My own vegetables are ugly,
But it is reassuringly safe.


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