Life | Labrador Growth Diary,Three Months Puppy Lively

I haven't seen it for more than a month,
Labrador puppy,
After being sent home,
Is not too common,
But occasionally I can see its news in the family Line group.

Forgot to say it was given a funny name,
Called Xiaobao,
Can only be said to be a common and 
powerful way of naming the countryside,
Imagine that when it grows bigger,
The name is inexplicably joyful.

As soon as you hear someone's footsteps, they will rush over!
Have someone play with it.

Surrounded it to give it,
The whole area is its territory,
But I feel that this door will soon be surpassed by its shape,
It's just a hop away.

It grows really fast.
I almost feel like I can jump in now,
I want to let it enter the interior space,
Maybe they are worried that they haven't taught some habits.

The tail keeps wagging,
And then look at you with pitiful eyes,
I asked if you saw it, would you play with it?
This is a foul.

After more than a month was taken to get a second shot,
By the way, understand how heavy it is,
I didn't expect to grow 4KG,
It really grew up like a balloon.

Now I buy a lot of boned meat for cooking.
This way you can bite Xiaobao a bit when you ’re done cooking,
Grinding your teeth,
As long as I gave it a bone, I was so happy,
I'm afraid you'll grab it, and want you to continue playing with it,
Really makes people laugh and cry.

At present its feeding seat,
As long as it ’s time to eat, you have to sit here,
Give it food again,
But at the speed it grows,
It is estimated that this position will not be able to sit within a few months.

What will happen next time I see Xiaobao?


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