Life | How is Xiaobao's new partner a cat? Cute puppy kitten

This time I came back to Grandpa's house 
with an unexpected delight.
I saw a new cat in the small garden,
Said to be only 3-4 months old,
How was my uncle judging me?

Cats have beautiful colors or streaks,
I never imagined it was a stray cat,
How did it break in? Or what attracts it?
It's a pity it can't answer, otherwise I really want to know.

Its arrival was lucky for Xiaobao,
It means it has one more partner,
Can have fun together.

The sitting posture is so beautiful,
Keep staring at me,
I want to say that this guy is holding a mobile phone,
What do you want to do to me?

Of course wary of people,
But listening to my cousin saying it can be touched,
Makes me very emotional,
But dare not really touch it.

Led me to leave for Taipei,
Didn't really touch it.

It will sit or lie on a chair,
Watching Xiaobao running around,
That picture is really very happy.
A cat is staring at a dog below!

The whole small garden is their playground,
Xiaobao also imitates the movements of cats,
Like jumping over a fence and running indoors,
Or jump on a chair,
Xiaobao won't consider himself a cat anymore!

Xiaobao grows fast and fast,
Body size will soon exceed cats,
I hope this cat will stay with Xiaobao for fun,
Otherwise, there are not many people 
who usually accompany Xiaobao,
It will be boring,
Although there is a lot of room for Xiaobao,
Just leave it indoors next time I go back.

You need to spend more time patiently teaching Xiaobao,
You have to be so cute!


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