Food in Taipei,Songshan,Chan ku le jianbing guozi-Street Food from Tianjin

When I was in China,
On the street near the school 
or somewhere like a night market,
Can see its existence,
Is pancake fruit,
It should be visible in major cities,
But each place has its own changes.

Of course, the most authentic is Tianjin, the birthplace.
But unfortunately I haven't been to Tianjin.
But it doesn't stop me from enjoying this street food.

Whether it ’s for dinner or snacks,
It's no problem,
You can even take two or three servings at a time.

After returning to Taiwan, 
I missed the taste of pancake fruit very much,
Finally let me find someone brought in Taipei,
Can't wait to find time to eat pancake fruit.

Located near Taipei Arena MRT Station,
In the alley opposite Yuda high school,
The shop's name is [Chan ku le jianbing guozi].

A small storefront,
The store opened in early 2019,
Signboards are not very obvious,
I noticed it when I came here,
The lights are shining at night.

There should be more crowds during the day,
I don't have to wait in line when I go to buy at night.


The menu is simple,
All make improvements and changes on jianbing guozi,
Are tastes not seen in China,
Presumably it is the store's
Let's add ingredients suitable for Taiwanese people.

But I'm going to get a original jianbing guozi first!

The store also took a lot of effort to develop a variety of flavors,
Even vegetarian flavors,
They also work with delivery platforms,
Like Foodpanda and Ubereats.

The jianbing guozi is made on the spot,
Speed is very important.
If you fry for too long, the pancake will burn,
Too fast to cook and it will be too soft and not crispy,
It also has a lot to do with the batter mix.
All other ingredients can be prepared in advance,
Just put it on.

Also, the guozi is not Taiwanese food and nowhere to buy,
Can only be produced by the store.

The boss talked to her a little bit while preparing the meal.
They have been to China before,
I miss the taste of jianbing guozi when I return to Taiwan,
I went to Xi'an, China to find someone to learn how to make jianbing.
In order to bring your favorite food back to Taiwan to share with you.

For safety and health,
The whole process is making food with hygienic gloves,
If you need change, let the customer find the money themselves,
Of course, when there are many customers,
There will be another partner.

Looks a bit like western crepes,
But the ingredients are completely different.

Chan ku le the name,
They also want to eat and think of this name!
There is a brief introduction on the bag.

This bag also has design ingenuity,
There is a dashed line in the middle,
Rip along the dotted line when you want to eat,
Ready to enjoy,
Don't worry about messing around when eating.

Holes in the bag,
Also avoid the heat to soften the skin of the jianbing guozi.

Freshly baked jianbing guozi is the best,
So the boss also reminds everyone to eat hot,
So that you can eat its crispy texture,
Or you can heat it in the oven after you go home.

The original jianbing guozi is actually improved,
Remember that lettuce is not eaten in China.
It seems that the boss will make everyone nutritionally balanced.

It's a bit imperfect jianbing guozi for me,
Not exactly the same,
Slightly a pity.

But that does n’t mean it ’s not tasty,
Can only say that it is different from the jianbing guozi in my memory,
Think of it another way,
Taipei can be satisfied with similar jianbing guozi.

The ingredients are spring onion, onion, parsley and mustard.
The boss will ask whether to add it,
and friends who don't like to eat can tell the boss.

Because of the lettuce, it ’s moist,
Does n’t taste too dry,
Crispy and soft with rich texture.

Although not really authentic pancake fruit,
But the taste is still okay,
You can find jianbing guozi in Taipei,
Let me miss the past.



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