Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Dong Jia Fried Chicken! Popular Food at Hu Lin Street Dusk Market

Exit 5 of Taipei Yongchun MRT Station,
Inside Hulin Street,
Every day in the evening, when the dusk market starts,
All kinds of ingredients are available.

The goal this time is hot food,
After two times I saw many people lined up,
Did not make up their minds to buy it.

Whether it ’s a crowd of people or a prominent strip on a signboard,
With the fragrance that flutters,
It's hard not to notice it,
It ’s Dong Jia Fried Chicken.

Dong Jia Fried Chicken

So many TV shows have come to interview,
There is also a shi shang wan jia food show recommendation,
Is it really that much,
Or for your own taste,
Still have to buy to try.

It ’s actually a bit tangled,
I'm on a diet recently,
I have n’t eaten fried food so much.

To confirm, the sacrifice was too great.
(To find a reason to comfort myself)

Dong Jia Fried Chicken menu

The types of Dong Jia fried chicken are very simple,
Chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken nuggets,
diced chicken, neck, golden fries, meatballs,
Focus on fried chicken,
The price is also very good, approachable,
It feels very grounded in the market.

Famous teacher ingredients? Which teacher is really a little curious,
The unique taste is related to the condiment,
Each store will have different flavoring methods,
This is understandable.

Chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken nuggets,  diced chicken, neck, golden fries, meatballs

I was still thinking of seeing a pile of fried chicken on the table,
It turned out to be sparse and not much left,
Looking at the time,
It's only 4:30 in the afternoon,
Would you like to sell it so fast?

Chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken nuggets,  diced chicken, neck, golden fries, meatballs

The chicken legs and fries are gone on the counter-top.
Although the chicken is still fried in the back,
Did not bother to ask if there are any chicken drumsticks.

Actually, I just taste the taste,
Time is awkward,
I had an appointment for dinner earlier that day.
Nor does it allow me to eat too many snacks.

Finally ordered one chicken wing and one diced chicken,
Total NT $ 60.

Chicken wing,Diced chicken

One thing to complain about,
The clerk's face is not very good,
A little impatient,
He did not owe him any money.

It wasn't particularly hot after getting it,
Should be left for a while,
The aroma is still good,
When I smell it, I want to eat it quickly.

The color will not be too dark,
Almost golden
In addition to the heat,
It's the relationship of ingredients.

Chicken wing

The wrapped veil will not be too thick,
A bite of chicken flavours,
It's still tender and juicy inside,
No overfry at all,
Although the crust is not very crispy,
The taste is still good,
Easy flesh separation.

With a touch of seasoning,
It doesn't feel very greasy.

Diced chicken

The diced chicken also carried a little bone,
The guess is to fry the remaining scraps.
Some will be chicken breasts,
Even so, it will not be very dry.

The diced chicken is a bit like salty crispy chicken!
Dong Jia fried chicken is suitable for eating as afternoon tea snacks,
If you pass by next time,
Would like to buy it again.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.


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