Travel in Taipei,Xinyi District Hide attractions-Hexing Tankeng, Bat Cave

What was your first impression of hearing the Taipei Xinyi District?
The luxury is still a department store,
Or the most prominent Taipei 101 building,
This is the Xinyi District that is most easily associated with it!

Maybe there will be a Sishou mountain,
Especially Xiangshan's reputation is even greater,
It is one of the best locations for taking photos of the Taipei 101 building.

As everyone knows, there is another attraction nearby.
Arguably a hidden attraction,
It ’s particularly surprising that there is such a place in Xinyi District,
Is the old mine that has been abandoned,
[Hexing Tankeng].

Follow Songren Road to Xinyi Road, Lane 150 and
enter from the lane next to the Lianqin School Technical Training Center.
Driving is a more convenient option, as there are many slopes on the way.

Hexing Tankeng is next to Jiupi River,
To be honest I don't know this stream,
Also read the introduction.

Take a look around,
It's actually a small river next to it.

I forgot one thing, the car had to be parked underneath,
In the middle of the road,
there will be some icons that introduce the process of coal mine production.
With a bat cave.

I did n’t see the bat hanging,
Besides, they do n’t show up until night,
Sleep during the day,
Does anyone really see the bats flying out here?

A pangolin shaped by a miner,
The nail on the belt is the only sign that can guess its identity,
It also fits its moral,
Everyone will take a picture with him.

On the wall is the history of the pit.
The inside is modeled after the miner's statue,
It ’s a pity that there is only a small area,
I ca n’t see what the scene was like,
Not much realism,
Or it has been closed for security reasons.

Maintenance is not very good,
It looks slightly desolate,
In fact, he can be a template,
Let everyone understand that the Xinyi District is not just what it is now,
It has a past that everyone does not know.

It's an attraction that I would never go to once
Maybe it will be forgotten again.


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