Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Zhoujia Tofu veggie calzone-Breakfast and lunch near by Guangfu Market

I have never heard of Guangfu Market,
Not to mention Zhoujia tofu Tofu veggie calzone to eat this time,
I knew their respective existence almost at the same time.

Had it not happened that I had seen the introduction 
of Zhoujia Tofu veggie calzone on the Internet that day,
I ca n’t imagine when I will come here,
Everything is fate.
Destined to let me taste what Tofu veggie calzone are like.

Its business hours are 6: 30-15: 00,
Are nearby residents here for breakfast and lunch?
I picked a time when I did n’t need to queue at all,
Just close the afternoon.

I was thinking that I would not be able to eat it!

Good food is never left to the end,
It ’s not uncommon to sell out early,
The good thing is not happening in Zhoujia Tofu veggie calzone.

The distance is almost the same from 
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall or Taipei 101 MRT Station,
Parking is not very good in the alley,
The mode of transportation still depends on personal choice.

I think it is better to take a bus and walk!


Menu hours are different from Google maps,
But it's only a half-hour difference.
I forgot to ask at that time, only the closing time.

Actually it ’s because of time.
The store is already cleaning the environment,
And it's not three o'clock in the afternoon,
The seats are also packed.

Fortunately, the boss later said it was okay.
Only stay in the store to eat.

Takeaway instructions
Inform the heating method after returning home,
Very intimate suggestions.

Also see this foreign language menu,
There should be a lot of tourists who come to buy,
Well-known reputation.

Tofu veggie calzone NT $ 30 / piece   and Green onion cake NT $ 30 / piece

Tofu veggie calzone NT $ 30 / piece 
and Green onion cake NT $ 30 / piece.

Chinese chives calzone NT $ 30 / piece

Chinese chives calzone NT $ 30 / piece.

Sauce area, soy sauce with chili sauce, chili oil

Sauce area, soy sauce with chili sauce, chili oil.

Chinese chives calzone and Tofu veggie calzone

Chinese chives calzone and Tofu veggie calzone

I ordered a signature Tofu veggie calzone, 
Chinese chives calzone and sugar-free soy milk.
At first glance the two look a bit similar,
But a closer look can reveal the difference,
The tofu roll is rectangular,
The chives box looks like a large dumpling,
Both are fried by dry-baking,
It's different from the fried appearance.

It does not feel greasy.

The Tofu veggie calzone have cooled down,
 and the boss also specifically asked if it would be heated.

Chinese chives calzone and Tofu veggie calzone

The crust is very chewy and floury,
The seasoning inside is light but not tasteless,
The stuffing inside is cabbage, bean vermicelli, and tofu.
You can taste the sweetness of cabbage and the taste of tofu,
It ’s surprisingly delicious without meat,
This is the first time I have eaten Tofu veggie calzone,
Just change my mind about it.

Tofu veggie calzone

Chinese chives calzone and Tofu veggie calzone

The Chinese chives calzone is also delicious,
You can also just eat non-stick sauce,
I admire the flavor of their fillings,
How can it be so much, no less, just right.

Soy milk tastes pure,
It should be that they are now cooking.

The sauce is also good,
But I like the taste of non-stick sauce.

Before they left, they saw that they were still fried Tofu veggie calzone,
When I asked the boss, 
I knew that there were customers who booked with them.
Come later to pick up the goods, 
and are still processing subsequent orders,
So in fact they rested more than three in the afternoon,
However, guests are not allowed to dine in the restaurant.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.



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