Where did the cat go? I hope you are doing well no matter where you go

I went back to Grandpa's house these times,
Never saw it again,
Disappeared with its siblings.

At the beginning, I look forward to coming back in a few days,
After all, it happened before,
After a few days of leaving, he appeared in the small garden,
Just came back with an injury,
Maybe this is its safe haven.

It came very suddenly,
When it was kittens,
Looking into a big cat.

Being wary of others,
Basically no contact with people,
He was only taken care of when he was injured.

Every time I eat,
Will go outside and meow,
Shouted that it was hungry,
It ’s like it ’s really our domestic cat,
The truth is they are all wildcats,
Don't know why, just ran.

Maybe they feel at ease here.
In addition to blowing rain outside,
We also have to worry about survival.

I can't see the sun in the little garden anymore,
Can't hear the meowing sound,
Leisurely figure jumping around in the small garden.

Don't get hurt anymore, don't fight anymore,
The fat you want to eat,
 otherwise you are ashamed of an orange cat,
I used to let food and other siblings,
I want to eat and eat elsewhere
If a family is formed,
Be happy too.

It ’s so sudden,
Leave no information
Anyway, let us know that leaving is a better place,
pray for you!


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