Life | Xiaobao (Labrador) Growth Diary EP3-Rotating Jump That Can't Be Stopped by the fence door

Xiaobao’s space at home is quite large.
Even if it is not allowed to play indoors,
So there are fence doors, restricted areas,
Three months ago,
I can only look at you on the other side of the fence door,
At most it is lying on the fence door.

It's been like this for more than three months,
Strong muscle lines,
It means a lot of exercise.

One day after three months,
It learns its cat companion,
You can flip through this gate,
The cat is to come in for dinner,
It's to jump in and play.

This added obstacles to the gate,
To make it difficult to read in,
You just walk into the door rail,
I want to play with you near it,
Really admire its energy,
It's exaggerated enough.

Occasionally giving you a pitiful expression,
It's too foul.

Now it's growing teeth,
Will find something to grind their teeth,
It also secretly helps hide its bones.

Naughty Xiaobao!

Now is the perfect time to teach it the rules,
Otherwise, it will be difficult to teach at a larger age.


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