Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP4 ~ Time to Play Alone!

It ’s time for Xiaobao to grow his teeth.
It's more than three months old,
I want to bite when I see anything,
You won't be bitten if you accidentally play with it,
This is not its fault,
So you can't blame it.

Just need to teach it patiently,
And give it what fits,
That's it!

So the family made a small toy,
There is a natural vegetable cloth in a plastic bucket.
So that it wo n’t bite around,
During the play, it will also make a sound.
Mention Xiaobao's interest.

Otherwise it will lose interest after playing for a while,
There is a toy on the outside that can feed.
When you play, you will fall out of the feed,
It's almost the same concept.

But smart like Xiaobao,
When you see someone nearby, 
you will drop a toy to find someone to play with.
When you do n’t show up before him,
Run to play again.

I never knew that Labrador was so energetic.


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