Food in Miaoli,Tongxiao-A Jie Steamed Bread,From Henan Hometown taste

I am not a person who likes to eat steamed bread,
My dad is very interested in steamed bread,
I do n’t know where he saw the information 
of A Jie Steamed Bread,
It happened to be the Chinese New Year,
we go back to Grandpa's house in Miaoli,
Checked the address,
Found that it was not too far away from us,
Just booked a time to see there.

This is also the first time that I went to Baishatun Gong Tian Temple.
A Jie Steamed Bread is 50 meters in front of Gong Tian Temple.
The location is easy to find.

It ’s too late before I go,
The steamed bread will sell out,
So call to ask if you can keep it,
The other party suggested adding their LINE (0933907591),
Just tell the taste and quantity of steamed bread,
Still very convenient.

After arriving at the scene, many people are really lining up.
There are lines that separate the two sides,
On the left is the steamer for immediate consumption, 
and on the right is the frozen steamed bread.
Choose according to your needs,
Seeing the steamed in the steamer is quite healed,
Opening the steamer is the aroma of flour in addition to the heat.

There are more than a dozen flavors of steamed bread and buns,
The choices are very diverse,
The only thing that is constant is handmade
It sounds so tired,
To rub so many steamed bread,
Still using the old  dough fermentation,
Very attractive.

It ’s very convenient now, even if I do n’t go to the store,
Can also be delivered by home delivery,
Each pack of frozen steamed bread is 6 pcs.

Will be different prices according to different tastes.
The cheapest package is NT $ 80,
The most expensive package is NT $ 130.

We buy a total of four flavors of steamed bread.
Whole grains steamed bread, pure wheat sugar-free steamed bread,
Health sesame buns, purple sweet potato steamed bread.

Purple sweet potato steamed bread are heard in limited quantities,
 making it relatively troublesome,
I bought it, and at this time the brain waves were very weak.

Health sesame bunspure wheat sugar-free steamed bread

Whole grains steamed breadPurple sweet potato steamed bread

The size of the steamed bread is medium.
Not particularly big,
Basically you can eat two in the morning.

I only tasted the Whole grains steamed bread,
It ’s still because my dad said this was okay,
It tastes simple and pure.
Without the feeling of too many additives,
It has a slight aroma of ingredients and flour.

The compactness is OK, quite elastic and soft,
Not as solid as a stone,
I do n’t feel good about eating buns.
Because I try to match other ingredients,
After all, it ’s really not my love,
But my dad ’s opinion is okay,
But I think some tastes are ordinary,
He has other favorite steamed bread shops.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.



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