Food in Miaoli,Mingde Reservoir,Laotianliao Hakka Gourmet restaurant-Family gathering

The second day of the Lunar New Year is the day 
to accompany my mother to her mother ’s home.
Due to the large number of people, 
it is too much trouble to eat at home,
It ’s hard to cook, so I've booked in the restaurant for years.
This time, it was Lao Tianyu who managed to book a place.
Location is in Mingde Reservoir,
The weather is good and you can walk nearby.

Order the restaurant earlier in Miaoli,
Many are unavailable.
Everyone would rather eat out now,
Easily and simply spend the Lunar New Year.

You must come here by car,
There are few parking spaces in the restaurant.
The public parking lot parked at Mingde Reservoir is coming.

You must come here by car,
There are few parking spaces in the restaurant.
The public parking lot parked at Mingde Reservoir is coming.

 The restaurant is a two-story building,
A total of 30-40 tables should be fine.

Is suitable for family gathering,
Friends come directly to a table.

Actually, I do n’t like to eat this type of restaurant.
Lively is very lively,
But the food you eat is either too heavy or too few vegetables.
No choice yet, holiday or holiday,
All dishes are arranged by the restaurant.

Opposite the restaurant is Mingde Reservoir,
The scenery should be nice when the weather is nice.

Business is better on weekends,
Not many people come to Mingde Reservoir on weekdays.

This liver is salty, even with radish and garlic sprouts.
This appetizer is not good.

The taste of the oil rice is ok, quite satisfactory,
Sausages and liver sausages are common,
Still very greasy.

The kimchi and fried chicken are okay.
Not very good together
It feels weird and very greasy.

A light dish,
Not too seasoning,
Seafood is not very fresh.

It ’s totally impossible without rice.
Overweight taste, salty,
The meat has no odor and is soft and tender.

Pork belly sishen soup,
It ’s good to drink. To get this soup,
Only come to this restaurant.

Fried shrimp and potato egg salad,
The fried shrimps were left for a while,
 and their appearance was not crispy.
It has a taste of oil consumption, 
and the salad below will be greasy if you eat too much.

Not too fresh fish head,
There are also many fishbone, so give up after taking a bite.

The shrimp are fairly fresh,
Not even the last vegetable is bacon.

I ate this meal and drank several cups of tea,
How many dishes are there and when will they be served?
After eating, I have no impression.
Feeling in line with the elements of Hakka cuisine,
Only the taste is heavy.

But to come to this restaurant for dinner, 
the requirements are already not high,
Expectations are low, as long as you are full.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.




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