Food in Taipei,Nanjing Sanmin,Fu Yuan Lou Northern Chinese cuisine-Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot, Must-Order Scallion pancake

Two days before Chinese New Year,
While many companies are still eating year-end party,
A few friends want to get together to do their own year-end party,
It turned out that it was unfortunate that only 2 people had time.
It's the person who invited me.

It's also funny.
A friend of the company finally decided that it was the same day,
Time conflicts with us,
He had to go to the company's year-end party.

So we did n’t think about where to go for dinner,
Picked a few restaurants,
Either not interested or no seat,
Sounds a bit miserable,
Even give up eating instant noodles at home.

Until I went out without seeing my friends,
I'm very diligent and want to eat meat with pickled cabbage hot pot,
As a result, my friend was near a restaurant 
with Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot.
Just said nothing to the [Fu Yuan Lou Northern Chinese cuisine].

The temperature was actually quite cold that day.

It's a good day for hot pot,
I thought there would be no seats,
We were lucky.

Although I don't know how long it has been open,
But it looks very old.
As soon as you enter, there must be an old restaurant.
Opened for decades.

Dining space on the first floor and basement,
In fact, you must pay attention to ventilation 
when eating Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot.
Because it is cooked with charcoal and copper pot,
Inadvertent air circulation can be dangerous.

We just sit in the basement,
It's a little stuffy before eating.

The menu is quite rich,
This is more suitable for multi-person dinners.
Or family gatherings,
This way we can order a few more dishes.

Like two of us, we can’t finish eating 
Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot.
I don't want to order more dishes.

The scallion pancake is on the first course,
Yeah ~ It’s really delicious.
There are lots of scallion in the pancake,
It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
It is very satisfying. 
You must not miss it if you like to eat scallion cakes.

Add a little chili sauce,
It is very enjoyable and adds flavor to the original taste.

The Lord is here.
Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot finally waited for it,
Ordered small portions,
After all there are only two people,
Based on past experience of eating Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot,
Don't underestimate it,
There will be the illusion that you can't finish fishing.

And a large pot of broth.
The clerk will tell you to add soup at any time,
Keep the amount of water in the pot,
Otherwise the pot will burn out.

When I see it, I feel awkward,
Are we really finished?
The ingredients are very rich,
Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot must have some pork belly,
There are meatballs, tofu, duck blood, oyster, clams, shrimp,
It's full.

The first action is to drink a bowl of soup,
Slightly sour soup with ingredients
With a little sweetness,
The body warms up after drinking.

I also drank several bowls of soup,
In the end, the stocking pot was almost finished.
I was startled.

Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot dipping sauce.

Actually it ’s delicious without dipping sauce,
But my habit is to use sauces.

I had a hunch from the beginning that it was enough,
 Scallion pancake and Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot,
May not finish eating,
I didn't expect my friends to die
Ordered the stinky tofu pig's intestines again,
I got dumbfounded after coming up,
That big one.

I am usually very happy to see such a large portion,
Today, I see that I want to cry.

Stinky tofu is smelly and tender,
Filled with spicy soup in the middle,
And comfort myself that there is nothing wrong with that,
Still delicious
Makes people want bite after bite.

Free sesame ball after meal,
It's wrapped in peanut powder and red bean puree inside,
With a little bit of extra temperature,
Whether it ’s the peanut powder on the outside 
or the filling on the inside,
Not too sweet
There is no greasy feeling at all.

After eating and drinking,
A glance at the charcoal fire in the pot,
Still burns fiercely,
Thanks to it for the hot Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot,
Can understand the reminder of the clerk.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.



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