Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Xiao Xiang Yuan Authentic Hunan Restaurant (Zhongxiao Store)

The weather is super nice.
On the day we ate lunch,
I feel sweaty in my coat,
And our lunch destination,
Still a spicy restaurant,
You do n’t need to wear a jacket when you are full.

Sichuan cuisine is more common in Taiwan.
And said he was a Hunanese restaurant,
It is relatively rare.

Hunan is also a spicy province.
Compared with them,
I should only be kindergarten in eating spicy food.

This Xiaoxiang Garden is a branch,
Its original store was in Wanhua.
Listening to the clerk's introduction,
It was opened by a Hunan girl married to a Taiwanese,
It is also a way to miss home.

Restaurants near its location should not easily compete with it,
On the one hand, it has characteristics,
and then there are not many restaurants of this type near here.
The only downside is the heavy taste,
People are more particular about what they eat now,
Don’t be too salty,
These are all delicious.
But it causes some burden on the body.

Signature dish of chopped peppers fish head,
We have been here a few times and always wanted to try,
I ’m worried that it ’s too spicy to eat, haha.

The chopped peppers they use are homemade.
So you can see a few large jars of chopped peppers in the restaurant.
There are red and green peppers,
See that the saliva is secreted involuntarily.

You can see that the number of large round tables is large,
Suitable for friends or family dinners,
But do n’t worry,
Two people can come and eat,
There is a small table next to it.

Do n’t worry if the dishes here are all spicy,
I do n’t have anything to eat if I do n’t eat spicy food.
You can tell the staff not to be spicy or adjust the spicy degree.

Because my family is not very spicy,
So every dish is almost not spicy.
You can't even see a chili.

Even though it seems like a missing flavor,
But every dish tastes okay,
It wouldn't work without two bowls of rice.

I have eaten several times and have not stepped on a mine.
It ’s just eating too many bowls of rice.
I will drink a lot of water later.

Looking forward to having friends who will eat spicy food next time,
So that you can try its original taste,
How exciting it is.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.

瀟湘園 正宗湖南菜館(忠孝店)


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