Travel in Miaoli,Tongxiao-Baishatun Gong Tian Temple-Super lively, street food during the holidays

Baishatun Gongtian Palace,
The first arrival,
Gave me a shocking education,
Many people, many cars,
People are lining up, cars are lining up.

No imagination of excitement,
Of course I came during the Chinese New Year,
But you can imagine,
It should be the same on normal weekends.

In addition to coming to Mazu Temple to pray for peace,
The market here is also very mature,
Can compete with other old streets,
The market in front of this temple,
Reminds me of my childhood
As long as there are festivals in the temple,
A crowd of street vendors,
Can eat, drink, and have fun.

Pedestrian walking area that can pass 
through the traditional Sanheyuan,
I haven't seen it in a long time.

Turn around and see the crowd of people waiting in line,
There are too many pig blood cakes, right?
How delicious is it?
But if you do n’t go to the night market now,
It is not easy to find pig blood cakes.

Feeling pressured by the boss,
Are waiting around to buy,
Watching when it was his turn.

I want to line up,
But the family has to go far,
Helpless but can only give up.

I ’ve only eaten cow tongue cake,
 but I ’ve never seen how to make it.
Baking out one by one,
The live production was too foul.

Always look at passing by. Drool before leaving.

This lu wei comes out,
Even my dad walked over and stayed unconsciously,
This place has a good local reputation.
There are really many people who buy it.

There are a bunch of tent vendors on the way forward,
This should usually be absent,
I guess it will only be set up on important days.

Both the left and right sides of the street sell food.
The sight was dazzling, 
and many customers gathered at the door of many stores.

Take a walk and take a look
Do n’t you want to ask yourself something to eat?

Do not forget our purpose here.
We are here to worship the Mazu Temple!

Arrive at destination ~~~! !! !!

The food in the middle is a test,
Whether or not you can come here depends on persistence,
If you ca n’t keep up, you just gain weight.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.


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