Why would I buy a domain name?

When I started blogging, I used Blogger's free domain name, Blogspot, with a prefix name that I set. It took about a year. In the process, I have been thinking about changing to a free platform? Or buy a domain name yourself?

Of course, using other companies' free domain names can save some costs and do n’t even have to worry about carrying many problems. This is the first benefit, but some problems will come later.

This has something to do with your own needs and positioning. What exactly does this blog exist for? What do you want? Is it a ticket-playing nature or a serious management? Short-term use or long-term planning. Confirm first, and I really want to own a website and keep all these records, isn't it interesting? You can also share it with friends you do n’t know.

Why buy a domain name?

No matter how well you write on blog platforms such as Blogger, Pixnet, Udn, etc., how high the traffic is, the SEO website that ultimately benefits is actually on their side. When do you want to get out of your own domain? With the name (equal to your own brand), the SEO of the new website will have to come back again, and you also have to worry about whether those past traffic can bring the new website.

So after I used Blogger's free domain for a year, I decided to buy the domain name myself ~! 

This also means that I will not be able to use that free domain name again. When you use the domain name that you purchased, it is a no return. You must pay this small amount after you are mentally prepared. Domain name fee, but in fact, did not imagine the high price, before I really did not study the domain name, I always thought it would be cheap, anyway, it will cost thousands of Taiwan dollars. Actually it is US $ 12 a year, less than NT $ 400.

In order to purchase a domain name, I also searched a lot of information on the Internet. I read a lot of experiences written by seniors. Some bought from Taiwan companies and used foreign companies. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on individual choices.

Examples in Taiwan are Hinet, Pchome, Asia Pacific Telecom, Seednet, which are just a few large companies looking for temporary Internet access. It ’s not clear whether the price is good or not, please compare it yourself.

Foreign examples are Godaddy, namecheap, Name.com, Google Domains, of course, there are many choices, just pick a few.

I did n’t plan to buy a domain from a Taiwanese agency at first. Simply put, the price is relatively high. What services have to be paid extra? Then I did n’t want to use com.tw. There are some restrictions on using com.tw, ​​not the company The line number basically does not need to be considered, and the price of com alone is a little higher than the price of foreign domain agents. The only advantage is Chinese, so you do n’t need to worry about not seeing the English problem. Trouble can be solved by translating software or searching the Internet.


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