Why i use Google Domains?

Why use Google Domains?

The earliest I saw was Godaddy, the most well-known and advertised. Basically, Google searched for a domain name and registered it. The first thing I saw was it. It is also an old brand domain agent. The idea is that Godaddy has a Chinese interface and service staff, which will reduce some troubles.

Generally, in order to attract first-time customers, Godaddy's price is very favorable in the first year, and even when other service expenses and additional years are added, the price will look good. The problem comes, you may not think about it from the beginning. Buy a domain name for a long time, or you are not sure how long to buy it, after that, the price may not be beautiful when you renew the contract, especially after adding the privacy protection service, I did not use it later service.

The Google Domains service is relatively simple. It looks a little bit more sunny and the price is not discounted. The price of com is fixed at US $ 12 per year. Forwarding, Google name servers, means you don't have to spend extra money to use these services.

In addition, Google's services are generally stable, and there are no major problems in using, and it is easy to get started and use other Google functions.

So in the end I bought a domain name at Google Domains!


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