The advantage and disadvantages of smoking-not responsible for article

Advantage of smoking

To promote economic development, smoking requires the purchase of cigarettes, and even cigarette-related peripheral products. As the flow of money increases, the economy will naturally grow. Even if you want to quit smoking, go to the smoking cessation clinic, or buy gum and patch products. Both promote the consumer market.

Playing handsome, remember that when I was a kid, I felt very handsome and very good looking at smoking. When I was handsome, I picked up the cigarette, lit the cigarette handsomely, and played the soot in the handsome manner, how many people can be stunned (now estimated to be scolded to death).

Belonging to their own circle, the smokers have an inexplicable sense of tacit understanding and groupness. Even people who do n’t know each other can talk together or even make friends because they can smoke together. If you do n’t smoke, you have to integrate instead of smoking. The common discourse is even more difficult. People who smoke seem to have revolutionary emotions and support and share each other. Especially if they can give you the last cigarette, they must be good friends.

The disadvantages of smoking

The body clothing is full of smoke, as long as anyone who is close to you can smell you smoking, the smoke is very obvious, and people who do n’t like smoking will stay away from you directly.

Health problems, smoking is known to be harmful to your health, and is one of the carcinogenic factors. Although it does not mean that you will definitely get cancer when you smoke, your odds are many times higher than others.

Being squeezed out by non-smokers, now that everyone is aware of the healthy atmosphere, everyone knows that second-hand or third-hand smoke is harmful to the body, and will be as far away as possible from the smokers.

Too much money to buy cigarettes. Although the price of cigarettes in Taiwan is cheaper than abroad, the price has been adjusted many times. When you smoke more, the more you need to buy, the more money you spend Saving money is no small expense.

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