How do I quit smoking?

In fact, the way I quit smoking is very simple, just one thought and one sentence, that is, I want to quit smoking, that quit smoking now, and did not smoke again.

This concludes this article ~ haha

Although it looks like a joke, but I really do. Many people who smoke will say that it is difficult to quit. I believe it is possible, but it didn't happen to me.

Quit Smoking Gum, Quit Patch, Quit Smoking Clinic, Someone even smoked e-cigarette. I have not tried any of these methods, and the effect is not what I can describe. You can try to see which method works for you. There is no absolute The only way is suitable for you.

It ’s not that I ’m so powerful or special, it ’s just that I do n’t have the addictive symptoms that other people say, and I still have physical discomfort. I only think of it as a change in the physical direction of the body. I always want to stop smoking. Good toxins are excreted from the body. It ’s really amazing to me. After all, like my dad, when he quit, he basically said that he would n’t smoke if he did n’t smoke. Human is the same.

Friends who know that I quit smoking will not ask me even when they are smoking. They are still good friends. They will not push you down. Otherwise, if they see others smoking, they will unconsciously want to smoke a cigarette. People who smoke must feel the same.

In fact, I believe that as long as you have a strong idea, everyone can quit smoking, but how to inspire yourself and find a way that suits you. Believe that you can do it!

I smoke very emotionally, otherwise I would n’t have smoked. It may be that I am in a bad mood at this moment and I smoke a cigarette, but the next moment I hate cigarettes. That is such a strange psychology. But now I am in a bad mood and move to other goals, whether it is sports or watching a comedy film, I will no longer use smoking to troubleshoot.


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