Life | Xiaobao's Growth Diary EP5-Xiaobao and the Cat cuddling together

A scene of harmony,
A dog and a cat,
Snuggle together.

Their relationship is getting better and better,
But in fact cats are not raised by us,
They are migrants who come in from the outside.

But they used to feed stray cats or stray dogs,
There are many cats coming and going,
In recent years, many different cats have actually come to eat.

There was no Xiaobao at that time,
There are no other pets.

Of course, I would never imagine such a picture,
Generally cats and dogs are a bit different,
Although not absolute,
But they are all playing differently.

Needless to say, all pets
It's not easy,
Not to mention that stray cats came to 
become good friends with pets.

Xiaobao is usually quite lonely,
Not everyone has time to play with him,
When no one is with him,
He can only entertain himself.

The appearance of cats at this time is also a good thing.
Although it is a stray cat,
I don't know if it will stay like this,
Or disappeared one day,
At least now it can accompany Xiaobao.

Seeing them cuddling together,
It's really warm.
Continue to be good friends.


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