Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP6-Tired of playing and fell asleep

Xiaobao is usually full of energy,
As long as someone is there, there is no time to stop,
Like a battery that never runs out of power.

But now I have more time to take Xiaobao out for a walk,
Will also let Xiaobao play in the field,
Consume its physical strength.

Xiaobao is so cute that she looks asleep!
The tissue next to it didn't know where it came out.

I have a very strange feeling,
Obviously has been a Labrador,
It looks like it ’s not a Labrador,
Do not say whether they think it is a native dog.

Its body is really good,
Enviable muscles, no trace of fat,

The tile on the floor can predict its current size,
Just over 5 months old, family members 
have never raised large dogs before,
She was very surprised.

Get a good night's sleep,
When you should eat, when you should play
Xiaobao's happy life!


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