Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.7-Play with Big Dog but Get Injured

Xiaobao hasn't seen other dogs yet,
I usually play by myself,
Otherwise it's just playing with cats.

Originally a curious baby,
Seeing other companions more excited,
They all want to go up and make friends with each other.

One day I took a walk in the field,
Let it run into a big dog,
When Xiaobao grows up, 
he will be about the same size.
But now the opponent is still double its size,
Xiaobao ran over in excitement,
Want to play with each other,
It did n’t take long to play,
Xiaobao was injured by the big dog,
Xiaobao was also taken aback,
It never happened after all,
It's super aggrieved.

I just wanted to make friends and play with them.
Just hurt like this,
There are obvious wounds,
Hurry to the animal hospital for examination,
Fortunately, no big problem.

Is to wear a hood,
Can't let Xiaobao lick the wound,
Otherwise it’s bad for wound healing,
Let it stay indoors,
Keep an eye on its condition,
I hope not to dare to play with other dogs because of this.

Looking at it looks pitiful,
Grow up obediently, 
you won’t lose others when you grow up,
Fighting is not good, there are physical advantages,
Just kidding, as long as there is no psychological shadow in the future,
There are baddies in dogs,
You are a good dog.
Don't care about them.


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