Smoking experience

In my memory, the first time I was impressed with cigarettes was in elementary school. At that time, my dad was still smoking. I remember that he learned to smoke when he was a soldier. Later, he has been smoking during work. I was curious at that time. I stole his cigarette to smoke, but at that time I only felt that it was bad and uncomfortable. I was quite disgusted with the cigarette, but I couldn't beat the curiosity and thought that there was nothing good to smoke. My dad kept smoking. .

That is in the fourth grade of elementary school. Suddenly one day my dad said he wanted to quit smoking, and then he really quit smoking. After we grew up, he explained why he would quit smoking, basically for the health of his family. It ’s very powerful for the sake of quitting. It can be said that quitting quits smoking. Otherwise, no matter what everyone thinks it is very difficult to quit smoking, I just sniff and think it is so difficult.

Things are always so incredible. My dad quit smoking. It seems that our family has nothing to do with cigarettes. It changed in the third grade of my junior high school. Friends who have been educated in Taiwan can feel that the atmosphere of learning and the pressure of exams How big it is, especially under the concept that the test scores in Taiwan are supreme, I ca n’t go to a good school without good grades, and I am very reluctant to study for the purpose of studying only, which also leads to a very dislike of studying, which does not mean that I have poor grades. I have had good grades, but I am very unhappy. I am either an exam or a tutoring class every day. I have no sense of life. I started smoking before I was going to graduate from junior high school.

Going to high school, it will take 3 to 4 hours to commute every day. I do n’t know if you have this experience. It is easier for your family to tell you that you are in high school. In fact, the pressure is even greater, whether it is the pressure of school or It is the pressure of family members, and smoking has become a way of resolving. There is also a way to pretend to be cool, and there is a way to maintain relationships with some classmates in the class. Everyone is trying to relieve their mood. Otherwise, what is the benefit of cigarettes? , We read that high school is always not sure, right?

At that time, my family guessed whether I was smoking, but I did n’t see it, so I took it. Until one day, after I was caught smoking in school and caught by the teacher, the whole thing was exposed, of course. After being scolded, did you smoke? How it is possible, it just started to hide deeper, but there is also a factor. I don't have the feeling of having to smoke, and I do n’t smoke if I have a cigarette.

Later, when I went to China alone to study, it was really a big outbreak. Basically it was a pack of cigarettes a day, and often a pack and a half. Sometimes I bought a cigarette directly because I was troublesome, and my body was naturally affected, and my physical strength had not passed. So good, plus the amount of exercise is not enough. I feel that I should not smoke again. It was not enough when I was alone and the pressure did not leave. I also felt a lot of pressure on myself. I continued to rely on smoking to shift the focus and relieve. .

After I got to university and met a friend who was studying Chinese medicine, I had a physical problem. The friend told me that I had taken too much western medicine before and smoked, so that I would have a big problem if I did n’t care. Did n’t touch the cigarette, I was drinking Chinese medicine almost every day, did the smoking end? Obviously impossible!

When a friend moved out of the dormitory to live in the city, and there were not many people left, he started to smoke again. He couldn't smoke a pack of cigarettes a week. Whether he was working or going abroad, he needed cigarettes. So I say that the length of time I smoke is not long, and it is not short.

When I wrote this,I didn't smoke anymore!


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