Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Vegetarian Hakka Meinong flat noodle-Taste from Traditional Market

On the way to Songshan Fengtian Temple,
In the morning is the traditional market,
Many people eat breakfast by the way,
There are only three vegetarian noodle shops.
Then one of them went to eat this time,
Still my family recommended me to this place.

Where is the name of the store,
Doing business in the neighborhood,
The bosses have opened stores for decades.
Like friends with many people nearby.

The menu posted on the booth looks like 
handwritten writing with a brush.
I can't see it in the usual shop
Prices have also been raised several times.

There are seats in the store and at the door.
Not recommended to sit in front of the stall,
The fan and hot air will blow directly,
Still quite uncomfortable.

You can order it with simple luwei,
I did n’t eat too much for breakfast and gave up.
Ordering a bowl of noodles is almost enough.

There are seasonings and mustard on the table.

The ingredients are very rich,
Greens are green and white,
Nutrition is quite balanced,
Soy products are a source of protein.

The taste of the soup is very light,
The sauce on top will add flavor,
So if you do n’t feel enough,
Just adjust it with your own seasoning,
I will add a little pepper
Increases aroma.

Adding mustard is also a good choice,
The mustard is not heavy.
So I do n’t worry about adding more,
Otherwise, the soup will be a bit dull at the back,
It's a little salty and sweet, like the taste of soy sauce.

The noodles are pretty good,
Won't cook very soft
Still the texture of muscles.

Because it ’s vegetarian,
So I do n’t want to eat too often,
Sometimes it ’s an atmosphere,
Feel the human touch near the market.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.



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