Thoughts on the age of studying abroad!

I remember when I was young I wanted to go abroad to study, when I was very envious of being able to go abroad to study at a very young age, always thinking about how good it is, but unfortunately, contrary to my wishes, haha! I just want to think that I will not influence the mentality for this. As I grow older, my thoughts change a bit, and I find that some things that look good are not necessarily really good, especially when I have this experience and experience. Fortunately, I did not go abroad at a very young age.

I think that studying abroad must be at least the age of high school. Whether it is studying abroad for high school or college, it is better to be above this age. Why? Elementary or junior high school age is too young, if you are not accompanied by your family to go abroad, your independence and mental state are not particularly stable and mature, and you can only deal with the situation you encounter abroad. It ’s either a good or bad direction, and it ’s less likely to be bullied. Of course, all hope is a good direction. Everyone ’s personality is different, not all will fit, and it is best to do it. Construction and evaluation of children.

Why I have this kind of thought has something to do with the examples I heard abroad. At the beginning, I went to the United States for a few months. There were people from various countries in the language school, and there was a Korean student. He is very young. He is a high school student. He was sent to the United States by his family to study, but he did not want to study abroad. He also had a girlfriend who was in Korea and did n’t go to the United States for a long time. The girlfriend told him to break up. The mental state at school was very unstable, either the class disappeared or disappeared, or the Korean seniors gathered every day to drink (the United States can't buy alcohol and drink under the age of 21!), He wanted to go back to Korea but the family did not agree, and ended up in During a trip to New York with his classmates, he was separated from other classmates. When he went shopping by himself, he had an accident (no one knows the reason) and passed away. Later, I seemed to hear that his family regretted it!

Therefore, I only reflected on it later. In fact, everyone only saw the surface, did not consider or understand the mental state, and was sent abroad to study in this way. Of course, everyone's situation is different. Some people are suitable for some people, but high school. At a young age, at least I ’m relatively mature, I can express myself, and I can do a lot of things independently. Even if there are any problems, I will try to relieve them, so it is better not to be sent to study abroad as young as possible, unless there is a family together. accompany.


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