Thoughts on studying abroad ~

The first time I thought about going abroad, I forgot whether I was in elementary school or junior high school. The reason was that I did n’t like the education environment and education methods in Taiwan. Or my family is asking for grades and grades. It seems that nothing other than grades is important. It makes me feel very unhappy. Besides, I am not a person who likes studying, so the learning atmosphere abroad has won me My heart will make me hope that I can go abroad to study.

Of course, there is no such condition in my family, which allows me to study in the United States. It is also a good thing to think about not going to study abroad at such a young age. Although I am going to university in China later, there are too many issues involved here, and it is not described. But it can be regarded as another kind of study in another place.

Is it necessarily good to study abroad? I think it is not necessarily a possibility. There are good and bad possibilities. Of course, everyone is saying that going abroad can expand the horizon and have a world view. Can't Taiwan have a vision and a world view? In the present age, as long as you have the heart, the Internet can bring you a lot of rich world, as long as you know how to use it.

Studying abroad is an option, not a must or it must be a good choice. Many families have the ability to send children to study abroad, but children may not want to go, and some children want to go abroad, but the family may not have the ability to let him Why study abroad when you go abroad to study?

I personally think that it depends on whether it is suitable for you. Everyone has their own environment and methods. Just like I have this idea, I think that the learning atmosphere in Asia is not my favorite. I put too much emphasis on my grades, and I should have fun. In my childhood, campus time became unpleasant. This is just for me. Some people may be suitable for this environment, but I can only say that it is not suitable for me.

The free and open learning environment is more of the way I yearn for. Why do I have to bear so much pressure when I was young?

Studying abroad is actually a major decision, so you need to think about it. Do n’t study abroad in order to study abroad, but you must seize this opportunity.


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