Food in Miaoli,Tongxiao-Baishatun (Li Ji) Rou Bing Shop-Freshly Roasted Aroma

Walking towards the pedestrian zone 
of Baishatun Gong Tian Temple,
Will smell the scent,
When looking for the source of flavor,
You will first see a group of people get together.

At this time, curiosity followed and looked around,
You will find the original source here,
Either try it or pay for the cake.

It ’s been a long time since I saw this traditional ancient style.
Selling ancient cakes,
Involuntarily wants to eat,
Hard to resist the temptation,
I used to really like this kind of cake with high calories.

Li Ji  Baishatun Rou Bing Restaurant,
It looks like a very local brand,
If there are no friends who have not been to Baishatun,
I do n’t know if there is this bakery
I am one of them.

I can’t find Li Ji Rou Bing Shop on Google.
To search for Baishatun Rou Bing,
It's also strange.

It ’s like setting up a stall in front of an ordinary house,
There are no gorgeous decorations,
There are no cabinets,
The baked cakes were placed on the stall.

There is a stove outside to see how to make it on site,
So it also smells very fragrant,
Good marketing and attracting attention.

The baking time of each kind of cake is different,
When you encounter a favorite cake, 
you can also ask the staff how long you need to wait,
Or sold out?

It ’s called a rou bing.
The fastest selling is rou bing,
We went back and forth twice and sold out.
The clerk said that he had to wait 15-20 minutes.
I just missed it.
Sold out by other customers.

I saw the last box taken away by others,
Seems to have no chance with rou bing this time.

Finally, I bought a box of mung bean cakes,
You can't go home empty-handed!

A box of five mung bean cakes,
Freshly baked, it's still hot.
So the clerk did n’t close the lid,
It is recommended to wait for it to cool before covering it.

Each one is solid,
The crispy appearance will lose some crumbs,
It ’s best to put a paper towel underneath,
The savings are everywhere.

From the side, you can see that there is a gradient,
This is great.

The bite inside is very rich,
It is also very solid but not hard,
Very soft with a touch of aroma,
The sweetness will not be very high, and it will not be greasy.
Instead it will make you want to eat another.

Not bad,
Let's look forward to the next time 
there is no chance to eat and see its rou bing!

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.



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