Why do I quit smoking?

I have been smoking for a long time, and it is not a short time. At least in terms of age, I will not reveal my age. In this smoking process, I quit a lot of times and the time is not short. The longest time to quit smoking is also 2-3 years. Whether it is quitting while conditioning the body to drink Chinese medicine or suddenly feel that cigarettes are annoying and quit, there are various situations.

In the end, the reason that I really did n’t want to smoke was also very simple, that is, health factors. Smoking is a wonderful thing. Basically, everyone agrees that smoking is harmful to your health. The age of living is still very long, and some people have a problem with smoking. Should it be related to genes?

Then I am the kind of person who is uncomfortable with smoking, that is, I can obviously feel the harm of cigarettes to my body. Why did I continue to smoke at that time? It has a relationship with psychological factors. On the one hand, it is regarded as a way to relieve stress; on the other hand, it has a self-abuse psychology.

But at a certain point of time, the age was still very low, but I suddenly wanted to open it, and felt like taking care of my health. Although it is only one of the carcinogenic factors, not smoking does not mean that I will not get sick, but it can reduce one and destroy the body Is reducing one factor a great reason? Yeah. No matter to whom, physical health is the most important.

No matter what reason you use to persuade yourself to quit smoking, as long as the result is good, it doesn't matter what the reason is, that reason is meaningful to yourself. It's not that complicated!


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