Why do I smoke?

I am not a smoker, I am also very sensitive to the smell of cigarettes, I hate the smell of cigarettes left on my hands, and the strong smell I smell every time I pass the old cigarette, it makes me uncomfortable. Even so, I smoke Is there a big contrast, since I don't like it but smoking, I feel very contradictory, but it is true.

I also used a very funny explanation with my friends to explain why I smoked because I did n’t like it, so that I would not be affected by the other person, and I would not have that nasty feeling when I smoked, smelling The taste is different, it sounds very unconvincing, haha! If others do n’t believe it, I believe it. This is why most smokers always have to find a reason for themselves. It does n’t need to be reasonable, and you do n’t need to agree with it, just to convince yourself that this is right.

Aside from this, it seems to be a superficial reason. Smoking is an escape and relief from a certain point of view. For me, it is an outlet for giving myself pressure. Whether it can be released may not necessarily, at least that feeling. Just like, the cool feeling after a certain action, such as smoking after drinking, smoking in the toilet, smoking after meals, will make people have an illusion. This feeling seems very good. I believe that friends who smoke know all about Some moments of joy.

Gradually it becomes a habit, and some people can be said to be addicted. After all, everyone's situation is different and people cannot easily stay away from it. Habits are actually not easy to change (not to mention nicotine addiction). Hand habit I light a cigarette and suddenly I lose the cigarette. I always feel something is missing. After the habit of smoking, I do n’t smoke with that movement.

But this has nothing to do with me. What I want to smoke is to shift the focus, to relieve the invisible stress through cigarettes, to calm down the nervousness through cigarettes, to feel unhappy in life, to feel the world through cigarettes is not so bad, to come through cigarettes. Feeling that I am still alive, even though it is torturing the body and making me feel physical discomfort, it makes me think that I exist. At that moment it is my best friend, and that time is the world between me and it. Stay away from all unhappiness and unhappiness.

Like I said, every person who smokes has a reason to smoke, and even that reason will change over time, but it is not easy for people to face the reason for smoking, unless there is an inducement that he thinks is important Appears, or it is difficult to make him quit smoking, otherwise you cannot really understand why he smokes.

It's like no one can understand why I smoked!


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