After watching the Korean variety show Handsome Tigers

I want to say that I have n’t watched a variety show for a long time. When I rummaged around, I was attracted by the name of Handsome Tigers. I was curious about what a new variety show was. Let ’s first understand the main theme of the program, what is the concept of a program, and Google Has anyone at the Handsome Tigers shared their feelings? In addition to Wikipedia, there is basically no introduction. I thought that although this is a new show, it is too upset. There is no information to refer to. mine.

Introduction from Wikipedia

"Handsome Tigers" (Korean: 핸섬 타이거즈) is a variety show launched by South Korean SBS television station in 2020, starring Xu Zhanghui, Li Xianglun, Che Yinyou, Liu Shanhao, Joy and others. The show is centered on the "Korean Basketball Legend" Xu Zhanghui, and gathers basketball hobbyists from various fields to form entertainer basketball team games. The recording location is the indoor basketball court of Kyung Hee University International Campus (formerly Suwon Campus).

Handsome Tigers. (2020, March 28). Retrieved from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The main core person is Xu Zhanghui. He used to be a well-known Korean basketball player. After retiring, he was transformed into a variety show host. It can also be transformed into a variety show artist. Of course, he has a certain reputation and status in Korean psychology. The transformation is also helpful. There are several well-known programs in his hands. This program is based on what he wants to do for basketball. It is different from the traditional variety shows. It is an entertaining real person. It is a serious real person. Show, also known as "real basketball".

A basketball team composed of Korean models, Korean actors, Korean singers and other artists who love basketball in various fields. Under the guidance of Xu Zhanghui, they will play amateur basketball games and see how far they can go. The goal is to amateur in the country. The team won the championship, and the show group also organized a national amateur basketball team conference on this basis, bringing together the best basketball teams in various amateur basketball games to fight to see who is the best amateur basketball. team.

The artist team has only practiced and cooperated for more than 40 days to participate in the game. Three practice games were played in the middle, and all three games were lost to the opponent. It is worrying which step they can go and how far they can go. Still, the show will end soon. After all, Xu Zhanghui said that as long as he loses the show, it will end.

January 10, 2020-March 27, 2020 is the broadcast date of this reality show variety show, because in the end they lost in the semi-finals and the semi-finals, the show is over, all people are very reluctant So draw a period.

In fact, sometimes I admire the idea of ​​making a show in South Korea. I can always make unexpected program content, and some can be thought-provoking and give people room for thought. Handsome Tigers, I think, is this kind of program, no matter what country You can only see the athletes in the competition process and the moment of winning the championship, but have not seen or understood how much the training and spending spirit behind the athletes are. When you only look at the results and criticize, have you thought about them in the end? How much has been paid, the saddest and most painful of them is failure, not you, but you, can you do it like them?

The distance between the coach and the player, and the internal entanglement, are just like everyone can encounter in real life. This is difficult to say right or wrong. Only understand each other, and you can only understand if you ca n’t understand. You can understand each other only through communication idea.

This should be the most touching Korean variety show I saw in early 2020!

Blame becomes encouragement, and distrust becomes support.


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