The bad memory from motorcycle are car accidents.

All means of transportation have its convenience and meaning of existence. It is not wrong in itself. It is to make people have a more convenient life and effectively reduce the journey time. Evolution, in addition to mechanical problems, the general situation is artificial, not about errors in transportation, at least I think so.

Locomotive is a very important means of transportation in Taiwan. Compared with other developed countries, we really have enough locomotives, even in Taipei, which is convenient. On short journeys, it has advantages that cannot be ignored The travel cost and maneuverability of price advantage are all means of transportation that people will want. It must be cooler than bicycles, at least I thought so before.

In fact, Taipei is a very convenient city. Mass transit in all directions, whether it is MRT, bus, and shared bicycles, is well built, and it is still under construction. Even so, many people still like to ride motorcycles. In order to save waiting time and the most important cost issue, I used to think so.

I do n’t actually have a long bike ride. After all, I do n’t ride a bike longer. Especially after an accident, I stayed away from the locomotive. I still remember that the accident was in the second section of Keelung Road. Taiwan Technology The university is also an intersection near the dormitory of the Taiwan University. I rubbed against a car. I was going straight ahead. The other party hesitated between the two roads. When it reached the intersection, it suddenly came to a right turn. Before that, its speed was not the same. It ’s fast, so I thought I would just speed up on the right side of it and ride it. I just collided with it. I forgot where I hit it. I just remember to fly out and turn around a few times. All flew out, at that moment I thought I had a car accident, and then there was a blank space between the marquee and the back.

After lying on the ground for a while, I got up, picked up the helmet and looked at the locomotive injury. At that time, I forgot the pain on my body, there was no pain, just thinking of going home quickly, I do n’t know How to deal with it, I really went home by bike. Although I found the wound on my body when I got home, I thought it was not serious, and I was a little scared mentally. I lay down and fell asleep directly. Finally, I fell asleep. I woke up with pain and found that my neck couldn't move. I realized that my condition was wrong. I called my aunt and asked her to take me to the hospital for emergency treatment. My parents were not in Taipei. I didn't even tell them.

Fortunately, there is not much problem. The doctor said that apart from some abrasions on the feet, the neck could not move and the pain in the chest, it was only a muscle injury, no bones or displacement, so I had a neck for 1-2 months Can not turn, can only be fixed to look forward, there is still one sequelae, that is, the time and angle of turning the head is affected.

After this accident, I gave up the idea of ​​riding a motorcycle. Many people may say that they also had an accident. They still did not continue to ride a motorcycle. This is purely a personal choice. I just found that it is not suitable for me, and I do n’t want people to pack iron. There are too many chances and things to have accidents in order to hurry, so why increase the risk, but as mentioned before, the fault is not the means of transportation, it is the person who uses it, even if you guarantee that you follow the rules, you can guarantee others Follow the rules? Or choose other transportation methods that are relatively secure.


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