Food in Taipei,Nangang Dis,COLD STONE Creamery-Building C, Nangang Station

COLD STONE is the designated ice cream of our boss,
I eat it almost every time I see COLD STONE,
Does this seem to be a person who 
usually controls not to eat cold food?

It used to be easy to see COLD STONE in department stores,
Now there is a decreasing trend, 
the relationship between health awareness?

Therefore, there is an obvious location 
on the second floor of City Link, Nangang Station,
Occasionally when family members come to eat together,
Always take a glance unconsciously,
The next second I heard them discussing.
Are you going to eat cold stone after you finish your meal?

The clothes are tightly wrapped,
Also eat ice cream,
of course.

There are still many people waiting in line,
Coupled with occasional promotions,
Buy one get one free.

Has anyone ever had a drink from COLD STONE?
In addition to buying ice cream every time,
I haven't really tried other products.




The amount of ice cream is not too much,
The point is the flavor when it is mixed with other ingredients,
It looks much richer, not so monotonous,
There are many levels of taste.

If you add cookies,
The whole is great satisfaction,
Eat directly or eat the cookies left over from the ice cream,
It's a different flavor.

Internal area

There is also a small internal area next to it,
There are not many seats, please be virtuous,
Don’t sit for too long,
Also remember to put the finished garbage in the recycling area.

It‘’s a great day for ice cream

Whether it ’s a good day to eat ice cream,
Or it becomes a beautiful day after eating ice cream,
What does it matter, you say?

Why didn't we take the ice cream we ordered?

When I came back from somewhere else,
Only half of the ice cream is left,
I would just finish eating,
Ice cream is in the belly.

Fried ice is one of COLD STONE's biggest selling points,
After adding other ingredients to the original ice cream,
The steps of frying, except mixing ingredients,
Also let the ice cream pass through 
the ice tray again to lower the temperature.

The taste of ice cream is very dense and full of aroma,
You can eat the taste of ice cream,
Without a sense of chemistry,
Sweet is not so uncomfortable.

It ’s purely personal, everyone ’s preferences are different,
What suits me may not suit you.

門市電話 :(02)2783-7841
營業時間 :Sun.~Thur.11:00~21:30


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