Food in Taipei,Songshan-Hong she si fang cai-Chinese cuisine, suitable for multi-person

Hong she si fang cai located near Nanjing Fuxing MRT,
Its name surrounds me for a long time,
It has been more than a year,
Thanks to my dad,
Once he went there for dinner with colleagues.

Later, as long as we look for a restaurant to eat,
He will mention the Hong she si fang cai,
Not that the time is not right,
Too far from the current location,
Just did n’t make a reservation,
Under many factors.

We are 200 meters away from Hong she si fang cai,
Holding a luck mentality,
We booked a table.

Why do you recommend booking before you go?

There are many companies nearby,
At noon we will meet here for dining,
Occasionally, there will be a situation where there is a charter.

Whether it ’s 2-3 people here,
Or a table for 10 people is suitable for dining,
The more people, the more dishes you can order,
The richer the dishes you can share.

Dining area

In addition to the first floor, the dining area also has a basement,
There is not much space in the basement, about 3-4 large tables,
A small table, if there is no fan or air conditioner,
The basement will be a little stuffy.

Menu of Hong she si fang cai

The menu of the Hong she si fang cai,
Pay cash here.

Hongshe's hometown braised egg NT $ 160

Hongshe's hometown braised egg NT $ 160,
It's very suitable for serving rice, I can eat a bowl of rice in this way,
The salty fragrance will not be very spicy, 
which is different from the seasoning of other restaurants.
I like the taste.

Steamed Cod Fish with Crispy Bean NT $ 300

Steamed Cod Fish with Crispy Bean NT $ 300,
The aroma of bean curd comes out, and it won't feel greasy.

 Fried Cabbage with Sergestid shrimp NT $ 160

 Fried Cabbage with Sergestid shrimp NT $ 160

Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables (Bean Sprouts) NT $ 160

Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables (Bean Sprouts) NT $ 160

Four-color soup NT $ 180

Four-color soup NT $ 180,
You can see there are four colors in it,
Simple and plain taste.

Hongshe Roasted Meat NT $ 300

Hongshe Roasted Meat NT $ 300,
The highlight is only at the end because of this dish,
Eat a bowl of rice, which is different from 
Hong Kong-style pork or Japanese-style pork,
The burnt aroma after roasting 
on the outside and the gravy on the inside,
With onion shreds can also reconcile the taste,
There is no greasy feeling,
It is a recommended dish.

Mung Bean Soup

After dinner, a free bowl of dessert,
Cold Mung Bean Soup, even if the front dish is heavier,
Have been resolved by this bowl,
End the meal perfectly.

My dad feels sorry that my brother did n’t come to eat together,
So next time I have to invite my brother to eat here.

It ’s purely personal, everyone ’s preferences are different,
What suits me may not suit you.



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