Mobile phone carriers used in the US: AT&T, T-Mobile

There were originally four major telecommunications companies in the United States: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint

AT & T and Verizon are the top two telecom providers, T-Mobile is the third, and finally Sprint. This should be a headache for people who have just gone to the United States to study or travel. Which service should they use? How are they different? Which one has the better signal? Which one is cheaper?

The United States is now the three major telecommunications companies: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile (T-Mobile acquired Sprint in April 2020)

Will this news have any effect? Personally, I think it is okay for users. The reason is that most of the telecommunications companies that go to the United States usually use two, namely AT & T and T-Mobile. Why do they use these two?

It is related to the frequency it can support. The frequencies of AT & T and T-Mobile are more suitable for the mobile phones brought by Taiwan. The detailed supported frequencies can be queried on the Internet, and then the appropriate telecommunications provider can be selected. Not to go to their store to buy their mobile phone matching service, it is not suitable for people who bring their phones to the United States.

AT&T and T-Mobile are American telecom operators I have used

I haven't discussed Verizon and Sprint too much. After all, I have no experience in using it. I can only share the experience of AT&T and T-Mobile I have used and why I chose to change the carrier?

Before I started to go to the United States, I did n’t do any homework. I did n’t know which telecommunication company in the United States, let alone the signal or cost of which one was worth it. I did n’t understand anything. Just do my homework and study in the United States.

In fact, it was my travel agent that sent me a T-Mobile SIM card containing US $ 30, so I did n’t think it was too complicated. I thought I sent a SIM card anyway. -Mobile Let ’s talk about it, so the next day when I arrived in the United States, I used the computer to open the SIM card (Wi-Fi is a good place to live), and the US $ 30 is just the first month ’s package fee ( Prepaid card), the price of T-Mobile is cheaper. Compared with other telecom providers, you can get full internet, unlimited use of telephones and SMS, and the delivery of SMS to certain countries is also included (T-Mobile Official website).

T-Mobile's package and price sounds very cost-effective, don't worry about other additional costs, as long as you remember to recharge it every month, but the frequency with my mobile phone was not very suitable at the beginning, although it can be used, but the Internet speed is compared Slow, I suggest you can check the mobile phone frequency that suits you. In addition, you can check the quality of the regional signal on the T-Mobile official website T-Mobile Coverage-map to find out what the signal is in your location.

The coverage rate of each telecommunications provider is different. When I used T-Mobile for a few months at the beginning, I often encountered the problem of no signal. When I was in school, I had to call or send and receive text messages every time. When I go to find the signal, I can't receive the signal in the room. I will see which area I am looking for at any time. There is a signal in my activity area. I know where I can use T-Moblie. I have been undecided whether to change the telecommunications provider, because my friends do n’t have so much trouble with AT&T. There are signals in most areas of the school. The problem is that the cost of AT&T is the highest.

At that time, AT&T's call fee and Internet fee were separate. The call fee and SMS were unlimited, but the Internet fee must be purchased additionally. It costs about US $ 50. However, the cost of the AT&T package is different from the previous one (AT&T official website), you can check it on the official website yourself, of course you can also query the regional signal AT&T wireless coverage maps.

In the next few months, I changed to AT&T, and I did n’t look for signals everywhere. My friends or family would never find me!

While choosing which telecommunications provider, it is best to first understand the areas that you are looking forward to, and then make a decision. The signal quality of each telecommunications provider in different cities in different states is different, even in blocks. This It is a good way to distinguish the choice of telecommunications providers, and then comes the price. The contents of each package plan will be different. Choose the plan and price that suits you.

The way to apply for a mobile phone SIM card is also very simple, just bring your ID and go to the store to apply.
I look forward to using a mobile phone solution in the United States!


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