My days of insomnia!

From not knowing what is insomnia, to really insomnia, as if it happened in the blink of an eye, I was insomnia without psychological preparation, of course, this is also unprepared, I was caught by surprise, just because I think While needing a good night's sleep, it appeared silently

The body is very tired, the psychology tells me that it is time to go to bed, looking at the ceiling in the bed, everything is natural, the rest is to fall asleep, this step is very good and perfect, after 3 minutes, I flipped the body, and Not asleep, it's normal, and it happens occasionally. Don't be too nervous. Continue to wait for sleep. After 5 minutes, I still don't feel anything. After another 10 minutes, I'm a little puzzled. Why haven't I fallen asleep? Feel tired and want to sleep, start counting numbers or counting sheep, the more you find that the more you can't sleep, which part has a problem? Is n’t it possible to fall asleep by counting, it seems to be a rumor again!

Soon it was 30 minutes. I was tossing and turning on the bed all over the bed, trying to sleep on my back, trying to sleep on my stomach, trying to sleep on my right side, then trying to sleep on my left side, and finally reverting to sleeping on my back, looking at the ceiling Tell me that this is insomnia, and I have such a day.

Went up to find a book, using the hypnosis method that everyone recognizes as useful. I did n’t expect that reading at this time would be useless. This is too unreasonable. It usually works. I have to use the mobile phone to watch the news online. Looking at the information and making myself more tired, I glanced at the time. I didn't expect that after an hour, I thought I was wrong, so I should lie back on the bed again.

Thinking about emptying my head and not thinking about my insomnia, I really did not want to suffer from insomnia, but other things suddenly appeared in my mind, and the bad memories that should have been forgotten came to my mind. To comfort myself that this is over, stop thinking about bad memories, and change one event after another, where is the end? When can I stop, can't stop my thoughts, and go to the pessimistic place, this time I want someone to beat myself to coma, do you not think of these things?

In the end, it ’s not clear how I fell asleep. The only vague guess is that I fell asleep after 2-3 hours. In the morning, I only feel more tired and my mood is low. I can comfort myself. Maybe it ’s just such a day! As a result, this state lasted for more than 2 weeks.

Now occasionally there will be days when I can't fall asleep suddenly, psychological factors, stress?


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