Food in Taipei,Nangang District,Thai Town Cuisine Nangang Railway Station Store-Famous Chain Brand

There is a Thai restaurant in Taiwan,
I have heard its name even if I haven’t eaten it,
It ’s  Thai Town cuisine,
When you want to eat Thai food,
The first thing I thought of was Thai Town,
Then there are other restaurants.

I ca n’t count how many times I’ve eaten,
I was impressed by the good service,
The speed of serving is good,
  Meals are maintained at a certain level.

This time I will eat Thai Town at Building C of Nangang Railway Station!
How many bowls of rice can I eat this time?

Regardless of the branch, the decoration is basically the same,
Recognition is extremely high, 
you can guess that it is Wacheng without looking at the name and color.

The lighting is very bright,
There is no luxurious decoration,
The space and environment are clean and comfortable without depression.

Has anyone tried dry noodles from Wacheng?
I'm curious about its taste,
But there is no urge to buy it.

According to different numbers of people,
There are different packages,
The dishes are all signature dishes,
The dishes featured in Thai cuisine are included in the impression.

See personal choices,
We use a single point,
The package does not meet our needs.

Evil Thai chicken curry(NT$300),
Why is it evil?
One of the killers who ate excess rice every time,
Those who do n’t eat ca n’t help eating more bowls
With slightly spicy coconut curry,
Stew until tender chicken and potatoes,
How can you not eat it?

The seasoning attached to it,
Can be used to ease the burden on the mouth.

You ca n’t forget to mention this rice bucket,
It is based on the number of people to calculate the cost(NT$45/per), 
unlimited supply,
The type of rice can be selected,
But I still think Thai rice is suitable.

Some people in our family do n’t eat spicy food,
So some dishes ask them to make it not spicy or spicy.

Both vegetables(NT$200/each) are made with shrimp paste,
But they are all made not spicy,
Tastes are all heavy tastes,
Shrimp paste will be salty.

 Shrimp pancake(NT$350),
I do n’t unconsciously want something every time,
The skin is crispy, the filling is elastic,
Does not feel greasy.

Steamed fish with lemon(NT$480),
Its soup is also suitable for dripping on rice,
Hot and sour seasoning,
Tender fish,
It won't cover the taste of fish because of the heavy flavoring.

This time Wacheng still did not disappoint me,
Let me eat more bowls of rice,
Made me feel very guilty,
This is wrong,
Fortunately, I only eat it once in a while,
It is not necessarily the best Thai food restaurant,
Is relatively stable in quality,
I do n’t know which restaurant to choose at Nangang Railway Station,
When I want to eat Thai food again,
Is an option.

It ’s purely personal, everyone ’s preferences are different,
What suits me may not suit you.

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