Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Vegetarian Pan-fried Stuffed Bun-Fude Traditional Market

This is a Shuijianbao store full of memories,
It only sells in the morning,
Open according to the hours of the traditional market of Fude,
It was originally only Vegetarian Pan-fried Stuffed Bun,
Later, selling vegetarian pot stickers dumplings 
and vegetarian vermicelli.

It used to be convenient and fast for me,
A cheap and full breakfast,
Although it is vegetarian,
But seasoning makes me accept it without meat.

After all, I am still a carnivist,
But since it slowly increased its price,
Just reduced it to eating it,
After all, the price has changed but the size has not changed,
Sometimes I feel a little bit small.

These uncles and aunts have been doing it for decades,
Has not changed in this position.

Vegetarian Pan-fried Stuffed Bun

I have forgotten to start eating from a few dollars, 
and now one is NT$7,
Now the business is not clear whether it is the same as in the past,
Remember to line up before,
You can't buy it until the next pot is released.

Vegetarian Pan-fried Stuffed Bun

Everyone has more choices now,
Its taste has not changed,
The stuffing of the Pan-fried Stuffed Bun is the same,
It ’s all cabbage, carrots, vermicelli, etc.
Seasoning is easy, salt pepper!

Vegetarian Pan-fried Stuffed Bun

Occasionally bad luck, you will eat especially salty,
It becomes unknown whether to add sauce or not,
Although it is vegetarian, it is quite oily.

You say it's special, but it's not,
It ’s a very simple vegetarian pan-fried stuffed bun,
Eating is a memory,
Eating is a nostalgia,
Eating is a feeling.

It ’s purely personal, everyone ’s preferences are different,
What suits me may not suit you.



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