Trading significance of second-hand goods

Everyone likes to use new things. As long as it is a daily necessity, you can buy new ones instead of old ones, especially in Asia. Many people find it a little embarrassing to use second-hand goods, or problems with second-hand goods. There will be more, and I do n’t want to add my own troubles. These reasons are actually very reasonable. After all, everyone does n’t want to go wrong after buying something, even if the price is cheap.

The problems that arise after this concept or idea appear, a lot of waste, a waste of money, an increase in garbage, and an increase in pollution on the planet, and some may be left unused for a long time, accumulating In a corner of the house, it was only found a few years later, whether it was reluctant to throw it away or to deal with trouble.

So why are these things treated or treated in this way? On the one hand, it is an inherent concept that second-hand goods are not good, so you do n’t want to sell them or buy second-hand goods. I like a thing very much, and I do n’t use it soon. Is n’t that a waste? Why is it still in a good state and can no longer be given to those who can use it?

In addition to reducing waste and waste of resources, second-hand goods trading can protect the earth. I think Taiwan ’s second-hand market still does not receive much social support, and attitudes and concepts cannot be changed. Many transactions are not transparent enough. Standardize, I do n’t think it ’s embarrassing to buy second-hand items, and it ’s not embarrassing to use second-hand items. Besides, who knows that you are using second-hand items, as long as you do n’t say, even if you say it, when the item is suitable It is also valuable to its owner.

No matter what kind of items, they are born for use, and use can reflect their meaning. Whether it is new or old, put it in the hands of those who need it. The new things will be depreciated when they are used. Is it yourself or Do others really matter? You want it to be able to use the functions it should have!


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