I used to need a night light to fall asleep.

Night is the time to sleep. It is dark compared to daytime. There is no light, no fingers can be reached, and eyes are open or closed. Even though the eyes will gradually adapt, it is still dark, without a little light.

From when I started sleeping in a room alone, which is elementary school, let me go to bed, all the lights are off, it brings me a sense of anxiety, looking up at the ceiling, hiding under the quilt, it is impossible To weaken my fear of darkness, especially my head will unconsciously fantasize, where is this? Where am I? Why is it so dark?

The night light has become my salvation. Its appearance makes me happy, calms me, and makes me feel relieved. I do n’t seem to be so lonely, this space does n’t seem so scary, and there is nothing I ca n’t see, even if I understand The night light is actually a little bright, and it is impossible to be as bright as the day or turning on the light. It is a feeling that you have a life-saving straw at night, and you can sleep well with it.

It's really a great invention. It's an epoch-making invention. It's an exaggeration. But for friends who are afraid of darkness, its importance is very important. Until high school graduation, every night needs its company. In order to let me sleep peacefully, it can not be without it, whether at home or living outside, there must be a light when sleeping at night.

It can dispel the restlessness and fear in your heart, a little light can bring you strength, its status is unshakable, just like people who ca n’t swim need a life buoy, the night light is a life buoy at night, without it Drowned, swallowed by darkness.

Although I haven't really turned on the night light to fall asleep, there is still a place outside the door so that I won't be helpless in the dark.


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