Why do I watch Korean variety shows?

It ’s not that I do n’t want to support Taiwan variety shows, but I really ca n’t support it. This is a sad feeling. I believe some people have the same feeling. That ’s why I would rather watch foreign variety shows, just do n’t watch Taiwan variety shows, or just everything. dont see.

And Taiwan TV said that the most reason for not being able to invest in program funds is nothing more than a bad environment and changes in marketing advertising habits. I believe this is not a problem unique to the Taiwan market. It is a problem that most countries will encounter. After all, times are Change, technology is advancing. Even so, why can other countries' television stations do it, but Taiwan cannot? This issue will not be discussed for the time being.

The reason why I would watch Korean variety shows is not that I am a star-studder or a Korean artist who likes it. The quality and content of the show made by others is really better. Otherwise, China would not spend money on copyright. It has become a Chinese version of the program. It is really not as good as the original version. As long as you have watched the original Korean version of the program, you will not watch the Chinese version at all.

Korean variety shows always have fresh links and content, whether it is funny, knowledgeable, entertaining, talking, living, etc., covering a wide range, there will not be only a single type of content, or merge The comprehensive program together will not make the audience have a similar sense of repetition.

Furthermore, the props and scenes will not be as cheap and cheap as Taiwan looks. Now, regardless of the high resolution of the camera or TV, it doesn't really look like a texture, that's OK, anyway, the content is also improved, The distance from the audience is a little distant. With the network developed, it is difficult for variety shows to attract the attention of the audience. The variety shows in South Korea can attract me to watch.


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