Why not watch Taiwan's variety show?

Recently, I was still impressed by the Taiwan cooking show of the Taiwan variety show, but I have n’t seen it for a few years.And Kangxi lai le, which has been out of broadcasting for many years. The others don’t have much memory, and they are about to forget The existence of TV is a bit ridiculous. It doesn't even have a sense of existence on the TV programs in your own location.

There are many reasons for the decline of TV programs, but that is not what we are going to discuss. After all, in the Internet era, too much information comes from the Internet, and many TV programs are also on the Internet. Attractive to the audience? This has a lot to do with the quality of the variety shows in Taiwan.

To put it simply, the variety shows in Taiwan are too boring, there is not much innovative content, and there is no change in nature. Just changing the name of the show and changing the host will probably not make too much difference in content. Connotation and homogeneous programs are also repeated, making people feel that the quality of current artists is not as solid as before.

There are countless channels for discussion programs. Watching the same people appear in different programs, discussing meaningless content, what joy does it bring to the audience? I'm not sure, it brings positive energy to the audience. It doesn't matter if there is no constructive content, but there is no joy or constructiveness. That is the most terrible thing.

When can programs with educational significance, connotation, content, joy, reflection and positive energy come out?

Before that program arrives, I don't think I would go to Taiwan's variety shows or TV shows, otherwise it would be a waste of time!


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