A peaceful world at night

It is bright during the day and dark at night.

This is the normal idea of ​​everyone. The daytime is the time for activity, the nighttime is the time to sleep, the daytime is full of vitality, the night is full of exhaustion, if the daytime is yang, then the night is overcast, the daytime is the sun, the night is the moon, day and night It is such an accompanying relationship that is indispensable.

Sunrise and day income.

This is the law of life that normal people should have, and it is also the rule of the world. Therefore, it is natural that the spirit of the day should be more abundant. The night is the time to rest to make up for the parts of the day that are consumed and damaged. The night is an important moment to restore the body.

Hmm ~ up to now, they are all in line with theoretical knowledge, which is the common sense range that everyone knows. I think so, but the actual action seems to be the opposite, even if I have been trying to adjust to the normal law of life, but the real The duration of maintenance is not long. Every time it is maintained for a few days, it returns to US time. It is exaggerated that it is estimated that only those months in the United States are using Taiwan time normally.

I am contradictory. I like the quietness of the night and the dark nights occasionally, but I actually do n’t like the dark people. The reason I like the night is simple. The whole world seems to be quiet, the light in the room is The only light source in this night, that is, the only safe place, will not be disturbed by others, do not need to spend energy to get along with people, as long as I face myself, sometimes for me during the day is too hypocritical, people to people Sincerity has become less and less, and the ways of communication have become more complicated. It is not so simple and I feel tired.

At night, I am listening to the song by myself, and I am dazed. It is very comfortable. Although it is quite comfortable during the day, it is this magic at night, which makes you immersed, the mood can settle down, and you can reflect on yourself. Of course, there will also be counter-effects, resulting in too much thinking, more depressed mood, and worse sleep.

Do you say that I really like to indulge in the night like this? In fact, if I can be so relaxed during the day, maybe I can leave the personal time that makes me feel contradictory.


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