American booking website, you can book all kinds of professional sports competitions, art performances, concerts

In Taiwan, the NBA and MLB can only be watched on TV. How can you not watch the game now when you are in the United States? In fact, the NFL would also like to see it. Although the sport is relatively unpopular in Taiwan, the annual Super Bowl looks like Crazy, not curious about the charm of American football, but the time is not right, unfortunately I did not see it, and NHL ice hockey is also a very exciting sports game.

How to book tickets for NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL or concert performances?

Introduce the US booking website I used

2. StubHub

Both and StubHub can book tickets for various types of sports competitions or concerts. According to the impression after use, they are basically the same. If there are the same sessions, the price can be compared, and the rest is personal preference. Choose the event you want to participate in, and pay online after confirming the date, time and price.

The price of early booking for sports games will be more favorable, and the price closer to the competition date will be higher. Of course, the location is also related, so please book the ticket according to the price you can afford. Sitting in the outfield area, the same area, the location is not far from the front and back, early booking and booking every few days difference is US $ 20, originally the same day booking is the same price.

I also booked Cirque du Soleil performances on it. You can also order tickets for concerts of famous celebrities.

3. BroadwayBox 

When it comes to New York, you ca n’t help but mention Broadway. It ’s a place where classic musical performances are gathered. It ’s embarrassing not to watch at least one performance. Even if I occasionally go to Asia for a tour, I feel different on Broadway But where it originated, BroadwayBox is a website dedicated to booking tickets for musical theatres.

The first two sites can also book tickets for Broadway musicals, depending on which one suits you, just select and use it.


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